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Screen freezes on WIN 10 VM


Hi guys I’m getting freezes in my Win10 gaming vm
I’ve reinstall amd drivers check my config again and again and I can’t find what’s wrong the only thing I haven’t been able to explain is this message I get in dmesg

[ 36.635841] iommu ivhd0: Event logged [INVALID_DEVICE_REQUEST device=00:00.0 pasid=0x00000 address=0xfffffffdf8000000 flags=0x0a00]

All ideas are Welcome!!!



When does it happen? What driver version do you have installed? Try installing a previous version of AMD driver and check if it freezes your VM. In one of their latest version they messed up by forgetting to sign one of their files and the whole thing would just spectacularly explode if you run easy-anticheat.(comes bundled with lots of games, so its executed whenever you start your game)



I’ve 19.5.2 installed I found nothing specific about it on line though