Screen does not turn on on KVM input change

I ordered the 1.4 Display Port KVM Switch in the 10 GBit/s version. I’m happy so far as it - in principal - supports my hardware (Geforce 2080 TI FE / Lenovo Thinkpad E14 with USB-DP adapter / Alienware AW3821DW).

My problem at the moment is that sometimes the screen does not turn on when I change the input from one running computer to the other. When I do a hard reset (what is problematic if you have files open), the screen turns on and the KVM works as expected.

Another problem is that the hotswitch does not work. But that seems to be because I’m not using the HID ports (neither my mouse nor my keyboard work on the HID ports).

But the screen-does-not-turn-on-problem has prio. Can you imagine what could be the problem?


@Christoph1 Hello. Well, I use the L1T KVM and am happy with it. But occasionally the screen goes black when switched, instead of showing the display of the switched-to computer. This only happens perhaps once out of 20 switches, maybe less. And switching away, then switching back, nearly always clears up the issue.

How does your experience compare to mine?

Assuming that you are having a more difficult problem, have you tried powering the monitor off then back on? This can clear up more stubborn failure to display.

I am inclined to think this sort of issue has to do with the DisplayPort handshake, which some gear seems more prone to fumble when switching. But that’s just speculation.

Good luck with finding a satisfactory solution.

ok, I think I found the solution for the swithing problem:

When I switch the channel BEFORE I turn on my PC from standy it is working. I don’t know if that should work if it is running before, too.

Ragards, Christoph

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