Screaming, turbo 4AGE Hilux mudder

This thing is nuts.

The build log is here:

Reading the comments that go along with the pics the guy sounds like a pretty typical hard case kiwi.


why in the fuck would you use a 4AGE in the mud

Did you watch the video? It’s clear why… it’s a light engine to get them RPMs up, spin those tires fast to flick the mud out of the tyre lugs. Then you can go through a hill instead of over it. There’s a few other vids of this thing, like this one in particular:

That hill is steep man. My pig wouldn’t get over it even at speed.

Those little Suzukis are quite common here, it’s even smaller engine, a 1300. Lots of people hot them up and hit the mud. They’re so light and with quick wheels they get through stuff a lot easier than big rigs like my 2.5tonne Patrol which just sinks, and can only rev to 4500 (happily).

Bear in mind this Hilux is probably about 1100 kgs (~2500lbs) without the tray on it. Maybe even lighter without the slug of metal that is the Toyota diesels. I bet if you washed all the mud off you’d probably get to a cool tonne.

a day

Because it’s practically a drop in in these trucks as they have a straight 4 by default. I own a 93 with the 22RE in it.


Just shared this with my buddy who is a massive oldschool toyota fan. These 4AGE engines are very strong as long as you stay within the reasonable expected power levels.

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The 4AGE is an awesome engine! Super cool to see it used in this way!

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