(scratch build) project Chemical Plant

As Logan was the one who got me interested in pc building I wanted to show my latest build and the process. This will be a scratch built open air design with a custom water loop. All done by hand. Lets get started.
The sketches

With the plans drawn I set out to build. Made the frame out of 3/4 inch square tubing that I cut one side of the tubing off to run cables. Welded it all together and had the basic structure. Also capped the ends for a nice look.

And the final result


Next I set out to make the back plate which I will bolt on so if i want to change it for future builds I can. This will hold the power supply,back up ssd , radiator and fans.

Started with a sheet of stainless steel and cut out the power supply hole

then I drilled holes and mounted the fans and rad

drilled holes for mounting the ssd and cut out the fan holes. Also cut the whole plate down to size

Mounted the backplate to the frame with blots and stainless steel caps

view of finished frame so far


Cut out holes on both the left and right front of the frame for power and reset buttons as well as cut a hole in the very back of frame for a light switch

you can see the hole for the power/reset buttons in earlier photos or as we go along. Hard to see the light switch in pic but it will be more visible later
mounted the feet(used just cheap rubber feet because I like them and they do the job). Also mounted the bottom acrylic

made some brackets to hold my tilted motherboard tray


Better pic of power button hole. Same on other side

Wanted to secure the power supply better so I made a stabilizing bracket

mounted the top acrylic and the acrylic motherboard tray

she is coming together


Made a mount for the reservoir and secured it with 2 bolts and stainless steel caps. Also put a rubber pad in between plate and acrylic

here you can see the fans and ssd mounted as well


cut some holes where the frame meets to run cables and one last item to make. The radiator grill. Cut this by hand. Drew out a pattern and tried to cut with a dremel first.

as you can see that did not go well

on my second attempt I perforated the perimeter with a drill and used a wire saw to cut it out

That went better. Filed the whole thing but messed up the radiation symbol so I covered it up with a bomb symbol

the final result


With construction finished it was time to move onto paint and powder coating. Sorry I do not have any pics from the powder coating process but I powder coated the frame and backplate Dormant Granny Smith green. For my accent color I chose Purple. Purple-licios to be exact as it matched my SX purple fittings from Primochill.
A few pics of the painting
. I painted the cpu block mounting screws,all the other screws,gpu backplate,2 fitting as well as valve,motherboard shield,usb hub,water pimp,stainless steel caps and various other things
A few pics of painting

I did paint a few screws and caps green to blend when mounting stuff. Just fyi


Tomorrow I will update with the final assemble process. The sleeving of cables,wiring,etc..

Awesome choice in paint color.

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Damn this is a sexy build s(^_^)-b

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That is the sturdiest pile of bullshit I have ever seen.

I'll buy it.

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While the paint dried I made some stickers/decals for the ssd,power supply and logo for the water blocks. Trying to keep with my chemical plant theme.
The ssd

The power supply. Went with a periodic table as I felt it fit the theme

Paint had dried by the time I did the water block logos so I assembled them as I went along. The gpu first.

And then reassembled the motherboard with block,logo sticker and shield. Also removed all the Asus accents because they were white and did not go with my theme. Here is a before pic of the motherboard for reference.

And now with my modifications and water block. I did end up rotating the block after this pic was taken as you will see in the finished build pics

And lastly the finished ram

Sorry I am not good at taking pictures and these all look much better in person. The color really sparkles in the light which goes nicely with my flake green powder coat frame which you will see.


With the powder coating finished I assembled the case frame. Mounted the backplate with the purple painted stainless steal caps.

Above you can clearly see the cut out for the lighting switch. Then I attached the case feet

A close up of the backplate mounting

Next I installed the motherboard tray mounts

And the overall look

Like I stated before I really can not capture the color well in the pics. But if you google Dormant Granny Smith you will see. In the above pics you can more clearly see the channels cut into the frame as well as holes for power and cable management

One day I need to take a photography class. LOL


Worked on the radiator next. Securing the finished grill with painted screws

and the back view

Was not sure how this would come out but I am happy with the results


Alright lets get this thing built
Mounted the radiator with grill,fans,usb hub,power supply with brace and reservoir. Still need to change some sleeving in these pics. Also mounted the bottom and top acrylic

Take special note of the how good my backup ssd looks because it is hard to see when I finish this build

And here is the reservoir with painted drain valve

Next I worked on the lighting and wiring of everything from lights to power/reset buttons. All wiring with custom sleeving. A quick test

and the switch that controls the lights

Now we can get to final assembly and pipe bending


Last piece to fabricate is the moutherboard tray. I cut holes for fans but my air flow from the rad fans was already great so i did not install any. If I ever want to it is there already though. Also cut an opening for cables. All was done by hand. Cutting,sanding and finally polishing. Added the stand offs and a custom made gpu bracket that I made out of a piece of stainless steel which I bent drilled and painted.

For my first time cutting and polishing acrylic by hand I was very happy with the results

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With everything fabricated now we can jump forward to the completed project. All wiring was done in vivid violet and toxic green. Hard piped acrylic (bent in a way to keep my chemical plant theme) with Mayhems X! UV green coolant. All work was done by me except the welding of the frame. That was done by my friend Marcus. So thanks Marcus because my welding sucks.

We all know by now I can not take good pics but I did my best to give you all a good look at my creation. So here it is.

CHEMICAL PLANT by eastexas

above and with other shots you can see the power and reset buttons now at the front of the sides.

continued on next post down


continued final pics

continued on next post down


continued final pics

valve got knocked back in the above pic. Its okay because it swivels but kind of ruined the pic. Here is a better pic of how it is suppose to sit when not draining the system

continued on next post down


And now for the night pics

There it is. My dream build. I learned a lot doing this build and there are many things I might do differently but I am very pleased with how it came out. I know open air build are not for everyone but I like them and I am sure others do as well.

I would like to thank everyone online and in my personal life that helped me make this build come true. Nobody can do these builds without a lot of support. A special thanks to Logan for inspiring my computer building hobby.

And thank you for taking the time to look. Hope you liked it.

On to the next build and to everyone---keep on creating