Scorpion AMD build

Budget: 430 USD

Case and RAM are already owned.

Build is for a family member who mostly plays WoW and Rift, but after this build he might try other games since his current pc is a HP pavilion P6000 (mine came with a "1TB hitachi deskstar") with an Asus 5450 silent added in later in its life.

Any tips or differences that could be made?

I would find a cheaper cooler, since that motherboard is pretty old and weak and won't be able to overclock the FX-6300 nicely.

Try to up the video card to 2GB of VRAM.  R7 265(rebranded 7850) and 750ti are alternative choices.

Power supply can be a CX430 and have everything run just fine.

At least get a biostar ta 970 mb or any 970. Biostar cheap and matches the theme. Plus you may be able to oc a little on it if your careful.

Thanks, hopefully have luck with it, but will not overlock as it will not be mine. Also he is not tech savvy at all. Had to clean a computer of his of conduit taskbar, because he wanted to watch a video file with quicktime.

And Asrock option too, but looks like the biostar is having better luck.

The price is minor with the power supply. Could be swapped with the 430 modular though, same price as 500.

Will look for a gpu, but 260s and 750s are closer to budget range. Cannot crank past 430USD by going 265 or Ti's.

Might be able to talk him into this one though since rebate will essentially take the price down.

Its a decent board for stock or light oc for a six core. Just a head s up on the mb, its has little jumper make sure its stays on. I have had issues with them falling off. Nothing a pair of pliers cant cure but its annoying pc doesnt boot. I actually robbed the jumpers off the asus cause they fit alittle tighter.

That asrock may have a better feature set. Biostar is pretty plain jane.

Your not selling it very well. But I'll take a gamble I guess, and like I said I won't have direct access to this after I build it so no overclocking, he is a smoker.

Not trying to sell you anything just trying to get you not to put a six core in the 78 mbs. I have personally build many six core gaming rigs  with the boistar. They are okay but they are nothing special.

As the builder, its your job to inform the person your building the pc for and to help make decisions about the use of their pc and what they may want to do with it in the future.

I have tried, they are just cheap. But will try and re-inform them once I can talk to them. As well as give them choices.

 Understand that. The wallet rules.

This is also on sale.

MSI R7 260X 2GD5

Nice thing is it can be crossfired unlike the 750ti if more performance is needed down the line.

Personally, i would consider something like a 270 270x 280. You are cheating yourself by going any lower. Take your time save alittle more cash. You wont regret buying a stronger gpu. Ideal would be 270x or a 280 or 280x and you will have a screaming little gaming machine.

He is not saving up. He is cashing a check and wants to also buy a cheap monitor. He told me to stay with the 750ti.

I on the other hand I would upgrade from my 7770 to that, but not atm. Thanks for the help.


The R9 270 is much faster than the 750ti.  If you do however, go with the 750ti, I highly suggest you overclock it.  It's a great overclocker and can pull up to around R7 265 speeds.  At stock however, it's around or slightly lower than the 260X.

Going to go with the msi 260x for 119 upfront then 99.99 with rebate it is not bad. Also no overclocking, it is too hot/dry.

Final parts list, he will purchase tomorrow.

The upfront cost on a 270 is just to much. Rebates go right into a monitor. This is a large upgrade from what he is currently using (that old HP with the asus 5450).

Thanks again for the tips.

Actually would this 7850 be better then the 260x or 750ti?

7850 = R7 265.

Yep, get it!

Yes already showed him. Good thing I checked that Hardware deals link on side.

Sad it does not have the AMD game codes with it like all the others, but the trade off is more POWER!

Thanks guys.