School smothwall SUCKS! How can I bypass it? :D

Ok, so my school has a stupid smooth-wall and I want to get past it so I can go on YouTube and also so I can go on facebook at lunch time and stuff like that! Idk how I can do this, but if I found out, that would be mint! Also, on the surfice RT tablets that our school has, cmd.exe isn't blocked so i want some cool, mischevus things to do on that :D I would love to make myself an admin if that is possible! 

Thanks, Danny

The reason why I am posting this rant is due to the fact that I keep seeing students wanting to install, change settings, ETC. This rant is directed at the people/students that are thinking and/or trying to do that...

I am personally getting tired of seeing threads about installing unwanted software on school, government or someone elses computer. There is a reason why it shouldn't be done. I will admit, I am guilty of doing that, but I was only using a different Office Suite and Web Browser running off my flash drive.

The reason why people shouldn't do mentioned above, is because it's plain stupid. I always asked for permission to do something on someone elses computer and/or network. I respect their reasoning granted I know some are absurd. That's not the point though. Students in Middle School or High School are under a form of contract stating that they are only to use the school computers for ONLY educational PURPOSES.

The students who think they can get away with it aren't going to get away with it that easily. Many schools have software and hardware in the network that can monitor everything you are doing, which means they would have proof to show to the parents, police or FBI if it became necessary. Seriously, the FBI can get involved as well pending on the situation.

Proof of that. There was a student from Watkins Glen High School. He had an idea of trying to DDOS the Watkins Glen School District. He did it from his home, thinking he could get away with it. Well I found this funny. When he DDOSed the School, it took the entire BOCES network down with over 20,000 computers not able to be used. My school was affected as well, which my school was Horseheads High School. The High Schools in the Southern Tier of New York State are interlinked with the GST BOCES network; needless to say the FBI got involved with this, as well as the Watkins Glen Police Department. They were able to track the student within a few hours after. The student was put under charged and arrested, and his parents were ordered to pay for all the damages. Needless to say, the student was sentenced to about 5+ years in jail. Need I say more? Nope.

Installing games on a school computer is not a smart idea. The worse that can happen there is you can either get detention or suspended, oh and your computer privileges taken away. That happened to a couple of my classmates.

So if you are even think about trying any of that bullshitt, don't you will jeopardize your education. I will state some different reasons why not to. 

If you get caught doing something that is made to harm school property and it gets put on your transcript.

  1. Won't be hired at a job
  2. Won't get accepted into high end colleges
  3. Get expelled from school

That is only the short list. Don't even TRY ANYTHING OF THE SORT! Such as simply installing a game, deleting system32 using linux on a flash drive or DDOSing a school network, if you did any of these... you are very stupid and ignorant. If you want/need to do any of those things, do it on your own equipment and internet connection/ Have the initiative of getting your work done, staying focused on your studies, not do anything stupid and work hard during school, you will have a clean transcript which employers and colleges to look at. END RANT!

One more thing, if you even want to know how to bypass passwords, hack into school computers or anything of that sort, Google is where you need to be. Not here on TekSyndicate. If I see anymore threads like installing LoL on a school computer or any of that sort, I will refer you to this blog with another rant. I'm getting sick of seeing threads like that, it pisses me the fuck right off...


I found that using https gets around some blocks at my school. You could also try changing your DSN to (or another) if they are blocking websites that way. And just as Skullabyss said, don't do anything stupid.

Dude, my school is a small school with 300. 400 students, I am in the UK therefore there is no FBI lol, also, I have already done such things on the tablets that I mentioned and I didnt get caught. Look, basicly, all I wanna di is go on facebook and YouTube at school! Also, the higher up authoritys at my school e.g. My head of ITC, my deputy head and Head master are all softies that really let u get away with nothing (It is a Catholic school and they forgive you for everything "Just like Jesus would" lol)

If you don't know what you're doing already, you shouldn't even be asking; if you have to ask, you'll never know. On top of that, the entire idea behind what you're doing is pretty silly.

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Also, this forum is about hacking and pc stuff etc. I am certain that if Logan or Wendelwere in my position, they would love to hack there school system etc lol


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The easy solution is to do nothing and wait until you get home to surf the web and if you really want to use/get a smart phone and use it as a personal hotspot so there is nothing you have to go around.  This is what I do If I am ever somewhere and run into issues accessing websites.

And I did a few remote lpshut downs lol

That's a good idea dude, thanks :D

No your wrong about that.  What you are doing is not hacking its a work around.

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Dude, just don't do it. If you want to watch youtube and all of that. Wait till you get home

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Mhmm, I'm just waiting until he does do something stupid and gets himself kicked from school or something, Darwinism is amusing sometimes.

We already had several threads like this. Wendell has commented in them. If it is not your property, we will not help you do "Mischievous" things with it. 

That is not "Hacking"; that is vandalism. People like you are the reason "Hacking" is frowned upon, and immediately judged to be bad.

We will not help you get around your schools blocks. It is their internet, not yours. 

We will not help you do things you are not supposed to do to their computers.

I am certain that if Logan or Wendelwere in my position, they would love to hack there school system etc lol

If they wanted to, they would, but not for the petty "mischievous" reason you want to. Wendell did it to learn. I did it, to learn. 

Thread locked.