Saving money for my build

I have found some ways to save a bit of money on my build, but it is still over my budget. I really want it to be a couple hundred dollars less than it is right now. I would like to keep performance up also because I will be using fraps.











Any Good Headset Suggestions?






I didn't look through everything yet, but I will reply again later today with a better response, but right away one thing you can do to save some money is get rid of the aftermarket CPU cooler and just use the one included with the 2500K. Stock coolers are "good enough" if you don't overclock.

also a $40 to $50 mouse and again for the keyboard on a budget build?

Rhood I will overclock so thats why I have the cooler and I was looking for a cheaper mouse/keyboard it's just that atm I am more worried about the bulk of the cost, but I will see.

not really a money saving tip but i would avoid a blower style cooler for the gpu, there are plenty of other 660s at the same price with a better cooler

you will be able to overclock the gpu better than the evga's "superclocked" anyway

The new NVidia cards run cool, so unless you plan on overclocking, a reference design is enough.

Use PCPARTPICKER. It`s too much of a headache( plus having to wait for each item to load). I`ll get back to you once you do that. 

Or at least say what the part is and the price.

I shouldn't of acually posted everything acually only a couple things I really want to lower the price to which is the GPU and monitor. Also I don't know what headset I should get.




At that price range, a 7950 might serve you better. The card you listed only has a 192- bit width. A 7950 has 384- bit one. Search " radeon 7950" and the Sapphire card will jump at you. It's a great deal. Free shipping and $280 after $20 rebate