Saving an Alienware 2310?

This little 120hz 1920x1080 screen has served me well… last week when my computer woke from sleep, this monitor did not.
The monitor was still detected by the computer, and still gives a beep when plugged in to power, but no signs of life on the buttons - so I can’t turn it on.

I’ve been able to find a driver board that looks to be a suitable replacement (getting it outside of the US is a different challenge), but I have noticed a pile of insulation from two of the cables. . .

Does anyone have any idea as to what these cable are called / where I could try to source some from? Or, is this monitor destined for the large ewaste skip in the sky. . .(?) (They are different, one has circa 41 pins, and the other has circa 50 - if my eyes are right)

Any help appreciated

They don’t appear to be damaged, most likely you can re-use them as is. Unless there’s a broken wire somewhere, but you’ll need to measure each wire to be sure.

Be aware that sometimes, replacing an aging monitor instead of repairing it is a better option. Especially on a gaming rig :wink:

Unfortunately, the insulation is breaking down on the twisted pairs, so the individual conductors are bare… (it is difficult to see in the picture)

I’ve got a 3440x1440 main screen, so it’s just the secondary - it’d be nice to keep it going, but I take your point

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Yeah, I hadn’t seen that and you didn’t mention it in your OP. Search for wiring harnas, round ribbon cable or wired connectors, maybe in a(ny) combination of words.

have you already tried unpluging it and plugging it back in?
those cables not the power cable

Yup. Unplugged / plugged the power and it gave the normal beep indicating functionality… but the button panel doesn’t work (lights or capacitive(?)). Same goes for fully unplugging everything from it - it beeps, it can be detected by the OS, but no buttons or picture.

An old Dell forum post for this problem on a different monitor says to unplug and hold the power button for 30 sec. Problem being that this doesn’t have physical buttons - just touch part of the bezel.

I don’t know if it’s the driver board, the little bezel mounted board, or something else… however, with the degraded insulation of the cables, it is going to need them replaced at the very least.

Are there any differently broken ones on eBay for parts. Like they broke the panel.somehow, if so you could buy that and transplant the relevant parts.

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