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So long story short I am the business owner of Bio's Remnant, and I have a web sight. But the one who used to manage my web sight has left the company. As I do not have another web developer I do not know how to save the web pages. She took the control of the servers that I had the web sight on. So my question is if I open the pages and hit save as does that save all the html code she put into the web sight, as well as the images. From what I can see it saved all the the content that I needed to redeploy the web sight. Now is it going to be as simple as going into the code and changing the links to the URL's. As well as creat a new index on the new servers. I am sorry if this seems like the wrong way to ask. In short I just need to move the sight from its current location to a new one. I no longer have control over the server that the web sight is posted on. I have my new URL and my new hosting service. I just need to know how to move it over to the new servers. I own all the copyrights to the content on the web pages, so there should be no legal issues at hand.

It is pretty unlikely that this will work for you. Most web pages have code running behind the scenes that isnt necessarily shown to the user. So though you do get the HTML code, you can't be sure that there isnt other things going on.


If you own the domain and are paying for the service then contact the hosting company and get them to reset your passwords and account info.

Sadly, no. It depends on how the site is coded. If it is using any PHP or other server side code then you're SOL as far as getting it without server access.

If you have copyright then contact the hosting company. They are your best bet. They should be able to get you back into your account.

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I will try the contact the web host. I own the domain but she ran the servers. As for the code I know it does not have php or java its all HTML I somewhat helped code it, a little much to say I helped more I just filled in the URL lines of code. But as she was coding it she only used HTML that much I do know.

also sorry for the spelling and grammar its 4 am and this has just been a long day.

oh ok, if it is pure HTML then you should actually be able to download everything and use it as is, depending on how the links are designed you might not even need to change them. Just make sure you get all sites, images and so on.

Wonderful I was hoping that was the case and I thought it was but I wanted to bounce the idea off some one that might know better. Sadly web dev is not my field I can read legal docs all day but web pages I am in the dark. Again ty for your quick responses and help.

Like physically ran the server? Or was she just managing it? If it was her hardware then there isn't much you can really do, but if it's a hosting company and she was just managing it then you should be able to have them hand over the account.

As for the code, if it's all HTML/Javascript then you shouldn't have an issue. None of that is server side.

I am ashamed to say we were business partners back when I started the company. I let her pick and put the hosting company account in her name. I was smart enough to copyright all the content and she owns none of that. But as for the server hosts she is the one who put that in her name. She piggybacked off one of her other web sights. So in short I do now own the account that the web site is hosted off of. It was a bad business choice on my part but lessen learned.
This might help if it's a big site. It will download everything it finds on the site.

If it is all html/css/js then you can use chrome's developer tools to view all the source files (html/css/js/images) and save a local copy of them

Dude why would you use the developer shit. Just save the page. You're making it more complicated. Devloper tools are for live editing the page and viewing source code errors. Not saving things.

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What I did was open each link and right clicked on the page and hit save as. When I open the file locations I can open the html code and then there are files for each page that look like I have all the images. Should I use these others for a backup in case I missed something?

What's the site? I'll just download it and zip it for you.

the forums I don't need I know they are in a php I forgot what program was used to make them but I can rebuild those my self.

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vBulletin that was the name those I know I need to rebuild my self so I am not worried about them.

In future you should make sure you have control of all company assets and that includes web sites and their supporting files and documentation and all accounts to external resources (web hosting, twitter, facebook, etc). Never let somebody else have complete control over any part of your business that you don't also have access to. This could have been much worse if the site used any server side scripting or a database backend especially if the hosting company doesn't play ball.

lol oh I agree and have corrected the issue. It was a lessen hard learned......

I'm unable to completely reply, but if you have a mac or Linux machine - take a look at the wget command.

As long as you're not running server side code, you can download the entire website's directory structure.

wget \
--recursive \
--no-clobber \
--page-requisites \
--html-extension \
--convert-links \
--restrict-file-names=windows \
--domains \
--no-parent \

Not verified took from top search result google. Please verify before running unless you possibly want to back up the entire internet.

Check your messages OP.