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SAS - Steam Autumn Sale 2018: What are you getting?


With the Autumn sale online, what are you going to get?
I am planning on buying 4 games and 4 games only:

Just to prepare for Darksiders 3

and if they discount it:


… I already have mostly everything I would ever want from steam

…Sad man is sad


I have 83 on my wishlist…

PS: And they have discounted Torchlight 2…
14,50 euros for all 4 games…


These three games got my eye:

I’ve heard good things about Nier:Automata, and it looks to be an ok PC version.

Released in September and already -50%? I still have the previous Tomb Raider on my to-play list, so not sure if it’s worth to buy this just yet.

No man’s sky had a troubled launch from what I’ve read, don’t know if it’s still the game I want to invest my money on, or if the developer has been able to improve the game in any way.

TBH I’m not sure if I buy any games from this sale, since my backlog for unplayed games is still quite long. :smiley:


I will be saving until I can afford to start a project I have completed the plans for.


until November 27th 10pm


Monster Hunter World is $40 US

Join L1 hunting!

#8 is pretty lit right now too, I suggest y’all price compare, GOG too cause they all hit sales around the same time