Sapphire Vega and linux

Hi to all :grinning:

I’ve been watching this video

and I have a question: how do you control RGB lighting under Linux? I presume the Sapphire software doesn’t run with the Penguin (or does it?).


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Most companies don’t have support for lighting control under Linux. I know that some corsair has one here, but I’m not aware of any others.

If we tweak under Windows will we be able to store the changes in the card so that they work under Linux? We can do that with some mice like Logitech or Roccat.

Razer software is oddly enough supported.

This might vary from device to device.

As certain RGB keyboards have a default profile, which is then overwritten once the OS boots with the software, otherwise its locked to the default.

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Tweaking? not sure about that. Doubt it, yet it should be possible. (when the driver/program talks directly to the chip? Perhaps we could question sapphire & other manufacturer’s about this?

(Can confirm changing rgb settings on a sapphire vega keeps it’s settings on linux, vega 56 nitro+)

Some motherboards support editing the rgb colour spectrum, in bios. Would be awesome with graphics card support added

I presume you mean changing rgb settings in Windows through Sapphire’s software.
If so then the settings are stored in the card.

TBH if I could turn off the dumbass lightshow in my case that’d be amazing.

Oh well.

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Could you not just solder off the LED’s?

Are they SMD or thru hole?

I don’t wanna break something by accident D:

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That’s what I don’t like about soldering. :stuck_out_tongue:

Razer has an official Linux build? That’s good to hear. I’m possibly changing my opinion of them.

I suppose that if you build laptops, you have to have at least minimal Linux support these days.

I’m not a fan either. I do, however, want to know that my GPU is getting proper power. A single small status LED, red for only PCIe, green for everything is good, would be just fine. My R9 380 had that. It was noice.

The most beatiful cases to me are the mac pro towers. No light, just fans.

Which ones? The trash cans or the aluminium behemoths?

Mac pro towers.
The trash can isn’t a tower.

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Ah, I completely skipped over the word tower.

I definitely agree they’re good looking cases. I wish we had something like that available from a case manufacturer. Closest thing is some of the Corsair Obsidian series or a select few Lian Li cases.

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