Sapphire R9 290x Tri-x OC Fail

I have had 2 of these cards fail on me in a row. First one lasted a couple days, the second one about 20 minutes. I tried everything to get these cards to work but the screen just says no signal. Fans will be spinning and it will be getting power but no signal.

I tried updating MOBO BIOS

clearing cmos,

BIOS switch on the card

switching 12v rails

switching PCIE slots

switching pcie cables

putting it in a 2nd machine

I got this paired with a Rosewill Hercules 1600w PSU, I was wondering if it was the culprit, but my old GPU works fine in there, and again it didnt work on the other rig either. 

Rig 1

ASUS Maximus VII Hero

i7 4770k

Team Vulcan 8GB ram

Hercules 1600w PSU

Rig 2

ASUS Crosshair Formula V 


G skill trident 16 GB 

Raidmax 1200w PSU

So I am just in disbelief here I really dont know what else to do so I am reaching out to you guys to give me some advice, or at the very least let people know this is happening with these cards. Thank you.

are you sure its the gpu? and not a other part in the computer?

takeout the gpu, and connect your monitor to the onboard video port on the mobo, just determine if its the gpu, or maybe something else.

Also try a diffrent pci-e slot.

I did both of those things, the rest of the rig is fine I have my old Powercolor 7870 in there and its working fine, on-board graphics are also good.

yeah then its obvious, a dead card again.

Sapphite cards usualy not die that often. so you maybe just have bad luck, or there was maybe a grounding issue somewhere going on.

Are you connecting the card via DVI? Multi-monitor setup?

Is the primary display set to PCI-Express (vs On-board) in your BIOS?

Have you tried a different set of drivers?

It looks like a person over at OCN is having a similar issue. You may want to follow their posts to see if they found a resolution

Using HDMI Single monitor 1080p. Also tried using dvi as well. As far as that BIOS display setting goes I didnt try that, but these cards worked for a period, like I used the first one for a few days and all of a sudden while watching youtube its went to no signal. Second one I was playing a game for like 20 minutes and then it happened again. And like I said I tried it in another rig.

Is it possible that if enough power is trying to be drawn from my psu that it is somehow doing this to the cards? Like some weird short or something? It hasnt effected any of the other compnents so hmm weird, I got my Powercolor HD7870 GHz Ed. in here now and its running like a champ.


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