Saphire Podcast With Wendell 16th May 2020 (Show's Over)

Got no Idea what Wendell is up to this time…

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Seems anyone can join server and join the voice channel.

It will set you to mute, so no worries about interference

I don’t know if it beeps every time someone joins…

That’s definitely not the platform to do stuff like this, I think.
Maybe Twitch next time?

I get the impression that Ed uses Discord, but not really Youtube.
Twitch would be better, and allow for the comments, but also, might need more notice to gather a few commentor for feedback / questions / input or whatever?
But Discord is a bit more locked down, less rando’s?



I mean, sure. But isn’t it the point of something like this to reach new people?

Seems to me like a recruiting effort for Sapphire’s discord.

Either way, mod staff had no idea this was happening, otherwise we would have put a banner on the forum.

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It seemed like a novel new idea, but sure, go ahead and suggest ideas to ed over on the discord- He seemed to be in the “I have an idea, but not thought it through fully…”

I kinda go the idea he didn’t really want the visual side, but he could just have a static image and use audio only.

Or hide behind monitors? I’ve heard of “people” doing that… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wendell posted a link in Lounge when it was already happening. It really seemed well planned far in advance… /S

I don’t think Ed even used OBS or any mixer for seperate chanels, just audacity for his local recording, and gonna get Wendell’s audio later?


He’d never pull off the Viking Beard

So maybe we just need to sit down and give em some suggestions.

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Excuse me sir, this is the Internet… a place where unwashed plebs bash unthoughtful comments onto their keyboards in a destructively critical way.
This is not the place for useful, positive, constructive discourse.

(maybe their discord channel would be better, possibly shouting @saphire ed)

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I’m gonna have to wait for it to come out so I can give it a listen and see where I can make suggestions.

wait, you are going to actually do the research to make an informed comment, and have factual based information to pass on?

Whatever happened to ignorant commenting about this for which one has no knowledge?

Oh, that’s just me. Nevermind…

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