Saphire 280x fan noice


Im am new here on the forum and would like to say hello.

I was on the hunt for a new videocard, and after buying the asus r9 290 on discount. I found out it had horreble fps in both diablo and minecraft. After trying everthing i could find and not finding a fix. I returned the card and bought something I know would work. The r9 280x.

I bought the tripple fan sapphire vapor x 280x, and it is running great and cool. But one of the fans is making an anoying friction like noice. I cant hear it with my headphones on (wich are open headphones so it is not really that noticeable), but still am annoyed by this high pitch sound when i walk around my room.

I dont feel like sendback an other card since my exams are coming up and dont have the time to think about else. But if anyone knows a fix for this problem (putting some kind of oil on it?) I would really apricate it.

I also made a video but its a bit hard to hear

Im sorry for my spelling, im dutch and dislectic so its hard for me to spell properly. (i will get around to spell check this once i have some more time)

SO you downgraded your 290 to a 280x because you found a problem with a "cpu intensive" game?

 I think all 280 vapor x is like that

Yeah, um, Minecraft does not depend on your graphics card much. you can run it on intel integrated graphics if you wanted. From what I have seen the vapor X cards are all noisy because of the fan design. Honestly, if the 290 had an actual problem with it you should of gotten it replaced with another 290. What cpu do you have?

I didn't hear anything

I know you cant really hear anything. The ''downgrade'' does not feel like a downgrade. With the 290 I had problems in everygame exept battlefield 3. A replacement was not posseble because it was a display item. I dit try to get it replaced but i would have needet to wait atleast 6-7 weeks for them to ''repear'' it or for an other used 290 to become availeble.

The r9 290 had some bad results: 

Minecraft -30-70 fps

diablo 3  -15-30 fps

CSGO   -90-130 fps

My old 7870 had an easy 2x those fps.

Im terrebly sorry for my spelling because i know its off by alot. But im tired and about to go to bed.

Also its just 1 fan that is noisy, it sounds like it is rubbing on something.