Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge for z77 chip set?

My friend recently brought up the topic about ivy bridge, and the difference in proformance of both. He stated  Sandy Bridge seems to overclock better than the Ivy Bridge which runs hotter. Then i said what about the intergrated graphics..4000 n stuff what about its proformance difference. Well obviously the answer is clear overclocking performance of sandy is better..right?..anyways..what i want to kno is


Does Sandy Bridge perform better than Ivy Bridge on z77 motherboards????


He is building an AMD PC and is trying to stay in a price range..but i want to convince him to do an intel build because of the proformance difference.

Sandy should perform better than Ivy, but it's not guaranteed. Ivy will obviously run faster than Sandy at stock, but Sandy can usually overclock higher than Ivy and easily make up for and exceed the performance difference. The only issue is that not every processor will overclock the same. Some Sandy chips will get clock speeds between 5 and 5.2Ghz, while others might only be able to get up to 4.6Ghz. The same holds true for Ivy Bridge. Most Ivys will generally get to around 4.6, but some will go lower than that, and some will go higher than that. I've seen people with Ivy CPU's that get up to 4.9 and 5Ghz, but those are pretty rare and hard to find. Overclocking is a mixed bag, and it's all about the luck of the draw.

Generally Sandy will outperform Ivy when overclocked, but it's not true in every case.

Ivy Bridge will give you some new features like PCI-E 3.0 and Intel HD 4000 graphics, so if those things are more important to you, then go Ivy. If overall CPU performance via overclocking is more important, then go Sandy.

So if hes going to go with a HD 7950 or GTX 670 which uses PCI-E gen 3.0 . would Ivy make a difference in performance of graphic?

or going with an overclocked Sandy bridge be better? (hopeing that is overclock better)


He looking more on the gaming side of things. Not going to be using any CPU intensive applications.

no you won't really get much benifit from PCI-E 3, but if you aren't running any CPU intensive programs I'd go with Ivy, its great stock, if you ever need more, overclock it, the Ivy version of sandy chips are about the same price, what will really matter is if you get i3/i5/i7

really I don't think there is any game that will benefit from overclocking an i5 other than Civilization V

overclocking you CPU further than stock will not result in any gain of FPS, HOWEVER overclocking your GPU would


if he's wanting to do cheap budget then a non K ivy i5 will be ALL that he needs for a CPU

this would be pefect for his build


if you can tell me your friends budget and what country he lives in I can probably make a really good budget build

No, PCI-E 3.0 won't make any difference when it comes to the current graphics cards. The cards say they support PCI-E 3.0, but they won't take advantage of the extra bandwidth. PCI-E 2.0 X16 is still more than enough for the current graphics cards. The only time you'd really need the extra bandwidth is if you're going to be running 3 or 4 graphics cards in SLI or Crossfire.

Sandy Bridge would most likely give you better overall performance if you're going to be overclocking. Not to mention that it would run cooler.

Ty guys for the information ^^

his budget is around 1000 or less....BUT including mouse [70 rat mmo] and keybord [40 microsoft sidewinder] and graphics card...something in the proformance of the 7870

if you can come up with a good build in with those lines i would highly appriciate it...

if not...then AMD Build if u have the time...if not thank you anyway for the help

the rat is the most terrible and over rated mouse ever I would recommend a razer imperater or naga, the one I was gifted is great and its about the same price, just a suggestion from a person who's used both

I'll get started on the build

ok this is $15 over budget (30 but you get a $15 newegg card to get the rat or keyboard with)






thats a 3570K with a heatsink almost as good as a H60 and a HD 7950, Asus board OC like you wouldn't believe, I really do suggest getting a razer mouse, keyboard seems fine

Thanks bro ^^...hes concidering using intel =D


and and pci-e 3.0 has a slight advantage over 2.0 look -->

well that might be debatable because if they used different motherboards say like an older z68 and a new z77, some newer boards have custom microcode on them for a more aggressive turbo on the CPU, like it will turbo a CPU ALL the time instead of when its supposed too

but hey if it gets him a better system more power to you

So so...if he gets a z77 motherboard...i5-2500k shouldnt be that much different than i2-3570k is what your saying?

sorry for the lateness of this post..