Sandy bridge e or haswell for video editing

So I've been going back and forth between CPU/motherboard combos for a powerful video gaming/video editing pc. My question here is would the sandy bridge e (like the 3990k) be more worth it for the video editing side of things considering its 6 core technology? Or would haswell's 4770k be enough? Keep in mind that I want to be able to use this computer for years to come so I want whatever will be more likely to last the longest. Arguments have been made for the sandy bridge and 2011 motherboards due to its potential upgrade capabilities but not sure about haswell. My video editing is nothing too major. I will be editing ripped bluray footage for amv's (animated music videos) with lots of effects in them.



This^ it would REALLY cool if we had some productivity benchmarks for adobe rendering for both haswell and sandy/ivy-E

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if you want sheer power, the sandy-e will be more than enough to handle any game/editing program you throw at it. if you want all the newest bells and whistles (pcie 3, more usb3, lower power consumption, updated memory controller, etc..) then the 4770k is a good platform (they do run hot, so be mindful of that). either 1 will do what you want it to though. the 6 core is more powerful, but i think the haswell chip will last longer in terms of how technology advances.

Thanks for the resonses. ET, I'm curious though as to why the haswell will last longer. This is a response from another forum regarding the 2011 socket type and thus the sandy -e bridge processors,

 "Personally if it were me, I'd be going with 2011, being on 1366 for the past 4 years now, I've seen too many Mainstream socket designs come and go, and I don't have a whole lot of confidence in Intel with those platforms.   I Thought about upgrading to 1150 with the new top end Haswell's earlier this year, but when I found out how little a difference in performance the i5/i7's were over their Ivy Bridge Predecessors, and no 6 core releases, I decided not to.

 But there are a lot of "enthusiasts" out there that claim the top end Mainstream platforms are much better and cheaper (not true on the cheaper part).   I'm more partial to the higher end platform, for the CPU Upgrade potential and greater PCIE Bandwidth for multi GPU Setups (not just gaming, but for bandwidth intensive GPU Processing tasks, should I ever need it, with 3D rendering or any other similar tasks)".

Do you agree or disagree with what he said?

A 4770k or even a regular 4770 will do you justice , the performance with sandy bridge e and haswell well be seen to be different because it's a 6 core vs a 4 core. Also, Logan and Wendell talked about this in the lastest Inbox episode . Their conclusion was that it's much cheaper to upgrade every 18 months rather than every 5 years (assuming you spent tons of $ on your build) . Plus over time the performance will sometimes surpass a E proccessor over time .