San Disc SSD Performance Problems (SDSSDP-064G)

I bought this SSD awhile ago. I never really checked the speeds as it never came to mind. Now that I've tested the speeds I'm getting 2 problems.The problem being that It is below the advertised speed on Write (200Mb/s difference) and that its very inconsistent. The speeds very around the 100 Mb/s and lower a lot. I see hiccups of 30Mb/s . Is this normal? Any help would be great. 

Thank you for correcting me.

Are you running SATA 1, 2 or 3?

Are you using AHCI or IDE?


Is TRIM enabled?


How long have you had the SSD?

Roughly A Year Now 

Is this the first install on it?

No I have installed Windows on It many times 

Can you check it's health with Crystal Disk Info?

Its listed as Good (100%)


How full is the drive?