Samung Galaxy S3 SD Card Problems

I have a samsung galaxy s3 GT-I9300 on 4.1.1, Unlocked and it constantly says that the SD card has been unexpectedly removed, and it turns on the screen then instantly it says preparing SD card then be fine untill it happens again. However i have music stored on the SD card and I can play music fine and it doesn't do this when the SD card is being used by the phone. 

Does anybody know a fix - Preferably without loosing any data.


This happened to me not too long ago on my gs3. I turned the device off, took off the back plate, removed the sd card, attempted to re-secure the section where the SD slot is by pressing it a bit, gave it the old cartridge blow technique, and firmly re-entered the SD card. Afterwards it worked for me.

Clean the contacts like SirYugen said or get a new SD card. See if the other SD card does this, if it continues try to RMA it.

Blow out the slot with some compressed air. (don't use your mouth because the moisture could damage it)

Also try a different sd card and rma it if you still have problems like Waves said.