Samsung XL2370 23" LED Monitor

News from yesterday, but very interesting!

A few months ago Samsung released there new Touch of Colour series with the P2xxx monitors and announced the P2370L with LED backlighting instead of the CCFL's back in January it should have already been released in May, but it still isn't here. It spec's where 1080P, LED backlighting, 2m:1 'dynamic' contrast ratio, 23", DVI-D and its main feature next to the LED's was that it was expetionally thin and it should have costed around 399 dollars.

Now they announced the XL2370 with the same spec's, but mostly for marketing reason I gues they raised the contrast to 5m:1. Still looks damn nice, and if the price ain't to high I'm getting one myself. Samsung plans to release it half July in Korea, but for the rest of the world in August. Atleast 1/3 is being payed by my parents since they will buy my old monitor . story from: NEWSWIRE.

Replacing the godly T serie?

the girl looks a little pale... the people in the monitor have more color than her skin tone hehe.

I can expect that this monitor will be somewhere in the $500 range most likely. : /

I'm probably going crazy saying it will be 500, but I'm just going to guess that. New technology = Expensive.

Looks nice, but I know the price won't.