Samsung vs. Kingston

Samsung 840 evo 120gb at $90 shipped vs. Kingston HyperX 3k 120gb at $75 shipped.

From researched I've gathered, the evo benches better but I've heard that I won't be able to tell the difference in real world application.

So should I save $15, or stop being a cheapo and just get the Sammy.

Ordering today.

Both good drives. I would just grab the Kingston because $75 for 120GB is a really nice price

Only thing I'm worried about is the Samsung could potentially be more reliable and the kingston did have issues with firmware in the past.

The Kingston drive is good. Highly recommended. I wouldn't buy the Samsung for the sake of it. I do have the 256 840 pro - because it really is a premium drive. In this situation, I would happily take the Kingston and use the additional $15 for games.

I've had a 60gb SSDnow for over 4 years now... still going strong in another build.

Went with the hyper x. Thanks for the help guys.