Samsung TV blocks streaming content when used as a monitor

I recently got my hands on a Samsung 4k Smart TV, and I hooked it up as another monitor for my setup. Last night I discovered that the monitor would “ignore” HDMI input when I opened Netflix. The screen space is still acknowledged by windows because I can move windows in and out of it. I can also see the screen in display settings.

YouTube works fine, but I just discovered today that the signal ignoring also happens when I try to open Spotify. It doesn’t happen until I’m logged into these services (about to consume some content), and it only happens on Windows 10. It does not happen on my Ubuntu installation.

A little bit about my setup:

I’m running the TV via HDMI from my 980 ti with another monitor on DP. I have 2 other monitors using my Intel integrated graphics from the motherboard slots (DVI and HDMI).

I feel a little strange creating a post soliciting help as I am new to the forums, but any google searching for “samsung tv” and “netflix/spotify” yields results about the TVs built in smart apps, and this is the only community who I feel might have an answer.

Is there some tricky HDCP bs going on here? Is there anything I can do?

I recently upgraded to a similar Samsung 4K TV but I don’t use these services so I’ve not run into this issue as of yet.

I’ve used the built-in Media Player as I have a dedicated media server on my LAN and this works fine.

It could be something related to the streaming service and Windows 10 since your Ubuntu OS doesn’t have this issue.

Maybe in case the streaming service is thinking you are trying to CAPTURE said stream for offline content consumption ?

Weird Idea, if this happens to be something to do with DRM, then perhaps you could try to connect the TV to the internet “once” so that it can download any of the necessary regional DRM information then disconnect it. It’s just a thought, but I know they really want you to have that thing connected and perhaps they won’t load the DRM keys for the TV until it can determine which region it’s being used in. Let us know if that works.

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Are you using the same browser in Windows 10 and Ubuntu, or different ones? Also, is Spotify through the browser or the app?

Both using Firefox. And yes web player for spotify.

It was connected at the time. I have since turned off the wifi to see if that helped, but no luck. I will see if there is an update available and try with that.

I couldn’t get Netflix to run on Mint unless I was using the Chrome browser (Chromium did not work). I think it’s a DRM thing with Netflix.

So for an update, I tried updating the software for the TV, but it was already up to date.

I also discovered that videos on crunchryoll also cause the same behavior. The only difference being that I did not log in to crunchyroll. So I’m thinking this has more to do with the method of playing the media & drivers, rather than DRM.

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