Samsung to slow memory production to artificially constrain prices

TL;DR, according to some unidentified people in the know, Samsung plan to slow down production of NAND flash and DRAM to make sure that their production rate stays in line with demand - artificially keeping prices at current levels, or even increasing them.

As far as shady business practices go, this is pretty far up there, in my opinion. If we’ve learnt anything from their recent business practices, along with SK Hynix and Micron, we could be looking at more price-fixing allegations. Law makers need to start taking these things seriously, and handing out fines which aren’t just a poke in the leg for these companies.



China won’t be happy about this

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china hates price fixing if its not the parties idea they’ll shut that shit down fast if it wasn’t china’s idea and sense it Samsung is korea highyl likely another slap on the wrist nothing more sadly