Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 OS alternatives?

I have never really used any Android phones. But I saw the Flip 3 and am oddly allured to it. But would like to put something else in it for privacy and security. Is this possible? What should I use?

XDA Developers would be your best bet for new phone OS development.


XDA Developers would be my best bet too.


Looking through XDA forums I found this, about oem unlocking. The final post mentions that oem unlocking in the US hasn’t been available since the S7? I’m guessing that this means I won’t be able to do anything like install lineage os?
Should I take this topic to the XDA forums?

I think XDA is the place to ask. But sadly, I do think the locked phones are a real thing.

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That is disappointing, I think I will go to XDA forums anyway and see for sure.

Thank you.

In case you asked them, what did they say?

I apologize, I have not asked them just yet. I have been busy. But I will get to it.

I did ask them and this was their response.
In short, it is not currently possible to use any other os on devices purchased in the US. So disappointing.

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Yeah, you guys seem to be done dirty when it comes to internet and cellphones.

Ilove samsung phones but since they don’t allow OEM ulocking anymore, I stopped buying them. I would throw my wallet at them for a fold that allowed unlockable bootloaders and root.

I guess I have to wait for a Pixel fold.

I feel like buying a google device would be just as bad if not worse than buying one from Samsung, but if it were to have OEM Unlocking I guess it wouldn’t be that bad if I could just avoid google with it.