Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge not truly closing out apps when using the close window feature

As the title says, but here is more detail. When I tap the two squares icon to bring up running apps and I close them out they dont truly close out.

Example. When I open Chrome or any other app that was closed out it picks up where I left off. Even if the battery dies and I power the phone back on it still does this.

How do I solve this?

This is not a retail phone it is unlocked and can be used with any provider in the USA.

That’s the intended behaviour of Android. To have all the apps closing when you just go to the homescreen you have to go into the developer options and set the limiter of background processes to whatever you’d like it to be from none to four.

Also if you don’t want Chrome to pick up from where it left just close out all the tabs.

That is kinda annoying, reminds me of how Windows 10 remembers what windows you had open after powering down.

On my last phone when I enabled dev mode it made my phone un stable. It never acted right since then.

Does this behaviour have any impact on battery life?

I’ve never had such issue enabling developer options. I’ve even run ART through developer options as soon as I got Android 4.4. Anyway that’s beside the point.

No it should not impact negatively battery life. If you repetedly open and close the same app don’t delete it from the recent apps or force close it because having it in RAM helps consume less power to bring it back up. Free RAM is wasted RAM really so, if you’re not running low on it and see apps you need killed in the background, just leave it be.


That’s quite different though,its not opening apps when you boot up the phone. the apps themselves (some of them) remember the previous state, that’s intended by the developer. It’s also not something ive seen that’s very common outside of browsers remembering your previous sessions tabs that you didn’t close.

What apps have this behaviour?