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Samsung Galaxy J1 6 ... Due to a horrible person


not cooperating like they should my son has not been provided the info. to remove Google or use what he had so he can use the phone. It is basically an electronic device for nothing right now. I am wondering if anyone knows of a reliable way to bypass the Google information so this phone can be used. The phone has been reset but it asks for the old info. What do you do?



Sounds like you may have bought a stolen phone, if the seller can’t/wont give you the old login information.

You can try installing TWRP and using a custom ROM, or resetting the original ROM from TWRP.

(This may not work due to not being able to do the OEM unlock, but it wont hurt to try)



It is not stolen. It is my son’s and his mom refuses to give the info. needed to use it. I just went through some sort of process with all sorts of guessing and may have recovered the Google account that was associated with this phone. We will see.

Thanks though for what you have provided as I will look at that if this other situation does not work out.