Samsung Dex ~ a two year user's story


An ‘Adult’/ Professional Developer’s prospective

What Samsung Dex on a Note 9 does well:

  • Desktop environment using Samsung proprietary dock
  • Mobile workstation using External Screen, bluetooth keyboard, and usb mouse
  • Gaming COD mobile, Xbox streaming app, and steam app for my pc games

How I worked:

I have a home server which has 2 instance’s of windows 10 for my work and personal development.

How I played games:

Same home server which had box with my pc component. Wake on lan to activate when I need it. and used in home steam streaming.
I also used Xbox streaming app. (works amazing on ethernet). Finally ive been playing mobile COD…
This is nice cause i can sit with my wife and play on the couch, but then walk to my pc and just use it.


  • I can only use a single display. NOTE* if you have a single 32" widescreen or larger, this is a non issue.
  • Buggy shift key using RDP
  • Most apps would not be scale-able

Is this for you?

If you dont have a large wide screen then no… not being able to use dual or triple monitors as a developer is horrible.
but the phone simply cant handle two outputs.

Are you a hardcore gamer that has tons of time? No. The Gamer gods will be ashamed with your resolution.

Are you a professional that needs to vpn in and get work done while managing multiple servers, developing and would love to game
when possible? Could be.

Let me know if you want a more indepth topic on what exactly my setup looks like and its cons


Any experience running linux apps/desktop on it?

I’d see myself trying to run jetbrains apps in some debian chroot and etc.

I was interested in Dex until I read this:

@CookiesAreAmazing @jdfthetech

linux on dex is dead and was horrible anyway. I’m currently trying vnc just like im doing RDP w/ a android app.

For strictly terminal i can just use a terminal app or cmd/powershell for my windows RDP. ZSH w/ ohmyzsh actually shows up now in cmd!!! very happy with that.

but no, most general social and communication apps are on android anyway. dont expect to do any media editing or programming on bare metal android. Im sure it cant handle it yet

that was just a marketing ploy

too bad really, opportunity missed. Anyways, enough of that, you mentioned buggy shift key. What’s that about?

When I asked about linux I meant something like termux with x11 on android.

And if its as underpowered as you say, is it still enough to handle eclipse che?

The issues i’ve found w/ android terminal application are the package support. for instance if you run a local android terminal instance does not have ssh or similar tools. you will need to login to a server first then run your commands. Unless there are better terminal

I’ve read its a note 9 issue, but sometimes left shift sticks… I have no idea why. I’ve tried multiple keyboards… bluetooth, usb, mechanical… same results