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Samsung 860 EVO vs 970 EVO as single drive in laptop


Finally bought a laptop, DELL G5 15 that has a painfully slow 1TB Hybrid drive(Desktop has a 250GB 970 Evo, 250GB 850 EVO and 1TB WD Blue), there’s a 860 500GB EVO for ~ £80 and the 970 EVO is ~ £130, I understand the NVME drive is 4/5 times the performance but it also has near double the load power consumption and is £50 more expensive. For a laptop, (Computing student, mainly programming some VM work) is the difference going to be that noticeable?


nvme drives require special ports, it won’t work normally over ahci controller.

the ssd is the only replacement unless you have m.2 slot.


Yes I know, I’m taking out the HDD, there’s an M.2 port aswell in the laptop though. Just right now it’s empty.


i’d go with m.2 but do yourself a fav, get m.2 from local shop first and test if you can boot from it. (you can later return that m.2 if it works or not.)


You will probably notice the difference between a SATA SSD (960 Evo) and an NVME m.2 (970), but for context, the performance difference between the spinning disk* and the SATA SSD should be much more noticeable than the difference between the 960 and 970.

  • Hybrid drive, I know. Since you say it’s painfully slow, I’m guessing you’re not getting much benefit from the hybrid part.

Make sure it’s an NVME port and not just a SATA one.



The Intel 660p is priced pretty good for client tasks, and its pretty cheap



it supports optane;

how about getting small optane as cache, and putting in ssd for for rest?


Well it’s slow in the sense I’ve been using a 970 EVO in my desktop since the 970 series was released and the 850 SATA SSD was my boot drive before then, so a good 4 years since I’ve booted off a HDD lol


I’ve just put my 970 EVO 250GB that was in my desktop into the laptop and everything is working as should, so yes laptop will support NVME drives.


so yeah get that nvme drive instead.

Tho you may want to try intel optane as cache for SSD?


I remember watching Linus’s video a while back where it seemed the Optane’s didn’t really affect an SSD much other than the initial boot?


no idea, i’d like to see someone actually try to see if its worth $


Lol. Nice job trying to Guinea pig the guy.

Optane with ssd is not worth it

Optane with hdd tho is a different story


i’m stating it openly, and i already recommended him 970 evo nvme.


I was only joking



If you can afford it, m.2 970 evo all the way.


860s are a fair bit cheaper, and 500 megabytes per second plus is nothing to sneeze at.

For the price of a 970 you can maybe almost get more storage in the 860 (or another brand SATA SSD - a 750 or 1 TB SSD will be a lot more comfortable capacity wise). Or use the cash you saved on beer. Or hookers. Or whatever.

For your case at those prices you mentioned i’d go the 860 unless you know you need higher performance than your desktop storage. SATA is “fast enough” for most laptop stuff, imho. You know what the performance is like on your desktop… if that’s enough, save the dollars.


In a laptop the 860 would be more than adequate I struggle to notice the difference between SSDs and M.2 NVME drives in my system in general use. I can see benefits sometimes when handling large files between M.2 drives and uncompressed large files on the same drive but that’s not something I do daily.

Then windows sticks it’s foot in and the performance can degrade almost randomly and only a driver refresh or re-install returns the M.2 back to full performance.