Samsung 840 vs 850 (Solved)

The samsung 120gb 850 evo is currently listed cheaper than the 840, should I just get 850?

look at the specs and think about it.

the newer better is cheaper than the older? of course get it?

Will do, just thought it was strange that it was cheaper.

Graycat: I'm not experienced in ssd's, I presume its which one has the faster read/write speeds but amazon doesn't give them specs. Plus this forum is very reliable

Took 4 seconds... from a simple google search.

Should be pretty self explanatory, sorry if I am being blunt but seriously man.

I know man lol, just an excuse to try out the new forum layout.

The reason is simple. 840 is the old design and is no longer in production.

So when you buy it online, you're buying what is left of the old stock. Since stock is not being replenished, the value will rise due to availability, not due to quality. This is the same when looking at old mobos and cpus. They are the same price or more as the new gen ones sometimes. Doesn't make them worth buying. When an amazon seller is sold out, the next priced group of sellers comes next. So when the pricing doesn't make sense, that just means that it was sold out and you are seeing the next best price, which usually isn't that good at all. All products will be like that, as gpus, coolers and peripherals also have had that happen over the holidays.

Get the 850 as it is better in every way, and cheaper.

Thanks for reply drewjn, very informative.

Oh btw, be careful with msrp prices and list prices on newegg and especially amazon. Whenever a sale goes on, they sometimes inflate the base or 'list price' to give an incorrect sales percent. (seller not amazon itself)

Would honestly suggest getting a 250gb if you can. Gives you more to work with. The golden rule of ssd's is to not fill it up if you can, as it will increase the lifespan. A 250gb should do good for the boot, plus some intensive apps, while keeping a large unused partition.

The size is not much of an issue, by adding the ssd you effectively increasing the speed of the whole os if you are using it for a system drive. The gains by placing a game on a ssd vs hdd are negligible.

Yeah it's really only going to be for the os and Dota 2 and the odd game here and there. I presume i have to reinstall all my programs again?

yes, the best thing to do is to backup whatever you NEED from the current drive and then do a fresh os install on the ssd. Then install all basic apps such as chome/firefox, teamspeak/mumble, ect on the ssd. Assuming you have a larger 1TB+ 7200RPM drive Install steam, photoshop, ect on that and use reasoning from there on.. Like stated before when doing it this way the speed is still vastly increased from the prior setup while still saving about half your ssd space. I personally have a 120 840 evo and only have use about half with chome, visualstudio, teamspeak, mumble, firefox, ect ect.

also, by doing it this way you will never need to worry about doing a format. If one is ever required all the large applications are already safe.

What is the best way to backup, windows easy transfer or windows back up and I think steam has its own method for backing up games as well. As well as that, could i have steam on the ssd and save the games to the HDD?

well the best way is to think about what you NEED and then keep just that. For me its usually just my bookmarks and a few random items on my desktop. I never keep anything I would want to last on a system drive.

All I need is the games, so I presume they don't need backed up since they're tied to my account.

yes, unless you have a data cap and/or a slow connection in that case I would save the few that you really care about and sacrifice the rest.

Funny, Bt infinity is being installed in my home next week which should triple my speeds hopefully so I only install games when I need them. I spent so much time looking through the internet to find a way to move the os to an ssd without re-installing everything but this seems to be the most realistic way. Thanks man

no problem, also depending on where you live almost all internet providers have a bandwidth cap these days so I would be careful as I blew through my 350 gb cap in less than 2 weeks..