[SALE/TRADE] Civilization 5 + God & Kings DLC

Don't know if anybody could be interested in this, since it's not a game about shooting people in the head or eviscerating them with sharp stuff, but still...

I have an extra copy of Sid Meyer's Civilization 5 (I think it is the GoTY edition, but for trading purposes we can consider it the standard. That's fine) and another of the Gods & Kings DLC. Both sitting in my gifts section in steam.

I'm not a greedy person, so I'm not going to give much importance to price differences. If anybody is interested in trading, just drop an answer over here.

would Two worlds and or sleeping dogs work?

Sleeping Dogs woud've, but I just bought it yesterday. I'm not really into Two Worlds, sorry.

I have the Legend of Grimrock, Shank 2,Closure,The Basement Collection, and Cave Story+ , but they are in key form so i dont know how we'd go about trading. 

anyone know if civi 5 is any good? my friend wants it only reason im interested lol


i have dota 2 and counter strike: condition zero

It depends on what your friend wants to do with it. For online playing I don't think I would recommend it over Civ4. The game mechanics have changed quite a lot of things, especially with the new 1UPT rule. Civ5 is still quite green in multiplayer, IMO. For single player it is a nice change; I enjoy the 1UPT tactics and hexagonal tiles. AI is still terrible, though, so for experience players I would not recommend playing in anything less than Emperor (perhaps even Immortal). I think they aimed for it to be a little more like Panzer General. They still need to improve much in that regard, though. If he's a fan of modding, CivUP and GEM are two musts.

That said, none of those games really interest me. Perhaps Legend of Grimrock. I know I said I would not give much importance to price difference, but LoG is at $5.09 (I know because I had it in my wishlist for a while and it went on sale today). I'm a somewhat older gamer, with a steady income, so I can afford that without trading a $100 game + dlc away. If it came to that, I'd just gift it away. No offence meant with this, please don't take it personally.

Anything else, I'll give it a serious thought.

It's all good i didnt know it was 100 bucks jeez,or i wouldnt even of offered lol. thanks for your opinion though. u want LOG for free? i dont have any buisness having a second.

Yes, it's a stupidly expensive game. I ended up having two copies by mistake; had the one copy in gifts and did not check before buying it, again.

Thanks for the offer about LoG. I'm good without it for now, I don't think I'd have the time to play it.

I'm gonna put some names forward, since it seems I'm being pickier than I thought I'd be:

- S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Bundle (SoC + CoP)

- TESV - Dragonborn

- Alice: Madness Returns (-75% now, but still fair enough)

- Assassin's Creed 2 (Deluxe Edition preferred, but standard's fine too. I can upgrade myself)

- Fable III

- Anno 2070

- Something along those lines.


To be honest, this is more for people who want to buy the game but do not want to wait for a -75% sale (which still woild be around $35, if both game and dlc are discounted). That's why I don't ask for big titles worth perhaps $70+. That and because this game is really for niche audience. In the end, what I'm offering is something between 50-75% sale, depending on the game we trade.