Sabertooth R2.0 and FX 8350 OC Advice

Hey all so I just got my new rig built though the second rigs mb was DOA and I am waiting on the RMA but right now I am looking for some base overclock settings for my built I have a corsair h100i for cooling using artic sliver thermal paste.

I don't really want to use the built in OC tuner as that only gets me 4.3ghz and I could use some starting settings use as a base for the overclock to point me in the right direction as the ones on the internet just make my system say OC fail or so it won't even post.

Now I know not every mb and cpu are the same even if they the same.... and this my first time overclocking but what am looking for is possible a 4.5ghz OC 5ghz be nice but am realistic and will settle for stability over fire hazard.

This particular question has been answered countless times here on the Tek and on the web you just need to search "overclocking a FX 8350" and you will find very explicit guides. Don't mean to sound rude but to make you an overclocking tutorial will take more than a post and half my day, others have already made very good guides with pictures and everything exactly for your configuration Sabertooth + 8350 + h100i.

Yeah, best thing is to find a guide somewhere else.

That said, with the H100i you should easily do 4.6 GHz.

Just make sure you use FSB in addition to the multiplier - you should get better results that way.

Happy overclocking.

Google is your best friend:

Read and watch videos.  That's the best thing you can do.  After you feel comfortable with it, give it a try yourself.

ok see this is what I was asking for all I could find were some bullshit guides by 12 year olds lol so thank you DeusAres and as for the second rig build got the new MB all working dandy part from the 3tb is DOA sigh off to tigerdirect for a replacement

2 things DOA? Damn...

Make that 3 things lol the second cooler was also DOA so having corsair RMA that one for no cost, ever have one of those pc's where one build is just perfect but the second which is identical just has problems.

So update I managed to get a stable OC of 4.7ghz however I come to relize the fans included with the h100i are good performers but louder than my 19 month old so any suggestions to good SP fans which aren't pink >.> has anyone used the Corsair SP120 quiets or are they as bad as the stock fans

maybe some noctua N14 fans

Yes I was thinking that why do they go with god damn awful colour scheme