SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 or Crosshair V Formula-Z

Building next gaming rig soon and wonder what would be better with AMD 8350 SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0 or Crosshair V Formula-Z?

ASUS MATRIX 7970 maybe EVGA GTX 780 if I sell my PC I'm using at the moment.

I'm a casual gamer but keen to overclock.


Games i want to play on build ; SKYRIM, BF4, BLACK FLAG, WAR THUNDER, CHIVALRY, TRINE 2 Ect...

My build at the moment handles them fine, i just want a build that i appreciate and that will last me a long time.    


I would say they are both overkill to be honest. I have built a system with the sabertooth 990fx R2 and it is a solid board. I would go with one of these if you want allot of features for a more reasonable price.

The pro of the  Crosshair V Formula-Z  is that it has an Intel Gigabit LAN and good overclocking features.

The pro of the sabertooth is good overclocking and a 5 year warranty. 

The Sabertooth is no better, if not worse at overclocking than the Crosshair. They're probably pretty even in 80% of OCing situations, but I find the real benefit of ROG is LN2 benching and OCing.

I'd personally go with a Gigabyte UD5 990FX; it's an incredibly solid board, without the gimmicks of ROG for your gaming needs, and without the gimmicks of the Sabertooth for your Vishera CPU that doesn't have PCIe 3.0 or any need for "tuf" parts.

I would vote for the Crosshair.  There are a ton of feature on this board to really help with OCing (extra 4 pin cpu power supply, ez-plug (gives more power to pci-e slots), high quality components, etc.  It is marketed towards the gaming market (republic of gamers) BUT the board is also (in my opinion) the best option for overclocking.  The sabertooth is great for overall system stability, but if you really want to push your system ROG will be better.  There are however many other, cheaper options that will probably give you what you want.  Unless you're looking to really push a system (5ghz on the cpu, multi-gpu set up, for example) I would recommend the sabertooth or the gigabyte previously mentioned.

Between the Sabertooth & CHV-Z go with whichever one you think looks better/want more. They both use the same UEFI albeit CHV-Z has a few more hardware level bells & whistles (LN2, intel NIC, soundcard, buttons, etc). Both are solid boards all around for overclocking and taking a punishment. The Gigabyte UD5 is pretty good too if you want something else to compare with which will deliver overclocking features & good looks. The MSI GD80v2 works well too (I have it) but lacks the immense tweaking functionality that my older Asus board had in regards to memory timings/drive and your VRM control. It shouldn't really matter unless you get deep into overclocking. I also think that Asus has the best motherboard software out of any vendor (I actually used the stuff and it worked well + didn't look like ass).


TL;DR get whichever one you like more, they'll all deliver the same for what you're looking out of a motherboard.

Thanks for your inputs i have a different setup in mind for each board and mostly cosmetic(gold&white or red&black) with the best components i can buy. At the moment I'm leaning towards the Sabertooth for the aesthetic pleasure. But for the long run i don't want to miss out on the extras the CrosshairV F-Z has like the SupremeFX III. Probably a minor point but if i can get the same performance with the Saber i really dont need to spend a extra £40... 

Its something I'll ponder over for a wile longer. 

Update* I've bought the SABERTOOTH 990FX R2.0! Now i need to determine what case i want to fit it in... 


I am hoping to either grab a Sabertooth or CVF this weekend! Have you got the build together yet?

PS - I LOVE your avatar, Mr. Slave is a god. 

"Oh, Jesus Christ..."

Well i have the parts for my build picked just around buying them atm, i ordered the mobo, Xigmatek Night Hawk edition cpu cooler and Kingston HyperX 3k 240GB SSD.

The other components i will have in the build is;

FX-8350 CPU

Kingston Beast 8GB DDR3-2133 

Corsair RM750 PSU

and 1 or 2 of WD caviar green hard drives. Was about to buy a Corsair 750D case but im not sure yet, maybe go with a Fractal Denfine R4 Arctic White - Window

GPU will be the last item on the list, i have a 7850 but trying to sell my current system.

WELL DONE. how do you like it so far?


Really enjoy the quickness of it, at the moment I'v used the Mobo OC tuner and overclocked the GTX 770, now I'm reading on how to overclock the CPU further. I'm very happy with the aesthetics of the build too. 

What an awesome build realy  likey like ☺

Thank you

Does your memory work at 2133 or do have to have it set at 1866?


if youcan find a sabertooth r2.0 gen3, i'd go for that one over the formula z

I went with the Crosshair just because I saw a lot of bad reviews about the Sabertooth's going bad. Plus I found the Crosshair Formula-Z for $219 brand new/shipped.

I ended up with the CHV-FZ as well... Kicked myself though because I paid full price, went to the NCIX warehouse sale 2 weeks later and got 2 more of them, each for 99 bucks! XD 

FYI - One of the extra CHV-FZ went into my friends new build, second one is for my Linux build!

The gen3 are no longer in production you wont be able to find one new, also the only difference I read about the r2.0 gen3 was there were PCIe 3.0(sabertooth r2.0 has PCIe 2.0) and as for now no graphics cards are able to take the full advantage of it.   Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

At the moment since I used the OC tuner I have my memory running at 1724. Will go higher but I'm fine with what I have.