Sabertooth 990 fx and 8350 temps

Hello, I've got an asus sabertooth 990 fx with an amd fx 8350 @ 4.4GHz, so my idle temps are about: 40 cpu, 45 VCORE-1 and everything else at about 40. When I play battlefield 4 (at medium settings) it goes up to 52 cpu and 62 VCORE-1. The airflow in my case is pretty good and I have a full tower case, the temperature is about 27 C which is about 80 fahrenheit. Are these temps normal? and if not what can I do? (on the cpu I have a corsair h55 with push-pull sp120 fans)

I would say that's about right, got a OC'd 8120 @ 4.5GHz on an air cooler that hits 50-55 with sustained BF4 play depending on the time of year.

If your worried maybe replace the fans with higher airflow ones or reseat the cpu block / reapply the TIM to see if that helps.

Its your cpu cooler that just performs poorly.

what about the VCORE-1 temperature?  is that normal?

could be normal yes, 1 core hotter then others could be normal, wenn that core, has more load at that time.

Which windows are your running by the way?

i think that vcore is the temp of the vrm it is displayed on asus ai suite ii and it only has vcore-1 and vcore-2

i am using windows 8.1

well i think its not realy something to botter about, the problem basicly is, cause you use a close loop  cooling system, you don´t realy have airflow directly to the vrm´s area, so the vcore temps, could be a littlebit higher then normal, with a big aircooling solution.

As long as your board is staying stable, there is not realy something to  concern about. higher vrm temps wenn using a close loop system, happens often.

You could check open hardware monitor, to look what your temps do there.

That cooler can be smashed with a hammer. Listen now, it's an EIGHT CORE CPU. If you want to overclock it and run it cool, you have to get a good cooler like H100i or NH-D14/15. Also your CPU is the one that is heating up your board. Can you get better airflow to your VRM section of the mobo?

not really... I am planning on getting a h100i as soon as possible because I'd like to push the cpu to at least 4.7-4.8 Ghz so I guess that would help?

4.8 on water should be no problem, i hitted that on air, with cheap ass board.