Ryzen - Voltage in bios is ridiculous

I’ve got a 3900X that’s apparently at 55C and 1.47v in the BIOS. Briefly running the blender bmw benchmark shows that I’m 5 seconds behind the median time, which seems reasonable. 1.47v, however, does not. I haven’t overclocked - this is “optimized” defaults.

Apparently it’s been running like this for 3-4 months with no explosions, so I’m just sort of guessing it’s a motherboard (ASUS TUF B450-M) bug. Is there anything I can do about this?

That is indeed quite a bit. You can either try to set it down via a - offset or set the voltage manually to something under 1.375.
Are you on the latest BIOS?

It looks like I’m four bioses behind, but none of the updates mention voltages or temperatures. I’ll update later today, thanks for the suggestion.

Yeah those changelogs are mostly useless, but if somewhere it mentions an AGESA update then that is where the meat probably is.

You should update to the most modern bios but those voltages arent uncommon for an asus setup

Ah okay. The BIOS update did nothing for temps or voltages though.

Really? That’s… fantastic. Do I just have to undervolt then?

Ok if it did nothing you should probably try to undervolt.

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you should check what they are after update first. undervolting generally reduces performance.

I finally got around to undervolting, and when I monitored the voltages at stock, I was at 1.3v under full load (blender), and alternating between 1v and 1.5v at idle. 1.3v at full load seems reasonable to me, 1.5v at idle does not. I also have absolutely no explanation for the oscillating behavior. These voltages are reported by lmsensors, is there anything wrong with that? Could this be the “observer effect”? If so, is there any nice consistent way to measure voltages on linux?

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