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Thunderbolt AM4 Build:

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I’ve been looking at this particular ITX Thunderbolt 3 board to build a 4K NDI transmit system with a Ultrastudio 4K Mini. I want to know what’s the minimum CPU/GPU combo to transmit NDI at 4K60. If it’s as simple as a Ryzen 3400G, that would be awesome. If not, then I want to explore cost effective solutions like the 3600 and a 1660. Here’s the hard part: It’s all in an Inwin Chopin.

Using a dedicated NDI appliance means you can only do so much with the image. Using OBS NDI means you can composite a near final image first, then send it out over NDI rather than have the streaming computer do all the heavy lifting. For example, everything but the streamlabs alerts can be composited before going out NDI, then the streamlabs alerts would be added at the streaming PC to separate out the two.

With a V-mount/Anton Bauer battery powering the board, Ultrastudio and AX WiFi, you could theoretically transmit 4K NDI over WiFi, though that’s untested.

I need thunderbolt 3 with my Ryzen 7 2700 to make a stable connection with apollo x6 uad!!