Ryzen R3 2200G with MSI B350 Mortar, Ram issues

PC Build:
Ryzen R3 2200G
MSI B350 Mortar with latest bios of 7A37v1B as of 2018-01-29 on MSI site
CORSAIR Vengeance LPX (2x4GB) 3000MHz C15 (CMK8GX4M2B3000C15)

Recently built a family member their first beginners build pc, with the gpu market the way it is, I decided to go with AMD’s new APU offering the R3 2200g. Since this was mainly for games that are not very intensive: CS:Go, Dota, LoL, Fortnite with the exception of PUBG. Decided to pick up a pair of 2x4gb stick of CORSAIR Vengeance LPX (CMK8GX4M2B3000C15) rated for 3000mhz in hopes of at least getting it above 2133 with the MSI B350 Mortar mobo. To my dismay I could not get a stable overclock on the ram above 2133 with no overclock on the cpu or vega 8 graphics. This is not a big issue as most games I listed above can play just fine with 2133 except for one… PUBG! With a 3.8ghz to the cpu and 1600mhz to the gpu and a stable 2133, pubg plays at 30 with frequent randoms drops to 25-20 fps, unplayable in heavy scenarios. With an unstable overclock of 2933 to the ram it can handle pubg at 35-40 fps, but would get random bsod or loss of signal from the display port or hdmi, I’ve tried loosening the timings but I am no expert, the XMP profiles are also unstable, mind you this is with NO overclock to the cpu or gpu.

So having to decide, I would rather have an overclock to my ram over my cpu+gpu overclock any day, but I cant seem to get that ram overclock to be stable. Heck I would be satisfied if I can get it stable with anything above 2133! I’ve asked this on other places: Reddit, MSI forums with no answers. So I decided to give the Level1 community a shot. Am I just out of luck with this combo of cpu+mobo+ram?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, if anyone has seen a similar build with different setting of overclock please dont be shy to post me a reply, or if you know of another ram kit that is compatible with this mobo, please point me in the right direction, Thanks!

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Hi, I have similar problems with Corsair Vengeance 3200 Mhz RAM and asrock ab350m pro4 motherboard.Ram is running at 3200 but I get bsod or loss of signal time to time … Aswell i get instant bsod then i try to oc my IGPU. Then i leave rams at stock i can oc IGPU to 1600 , but cant then ram is at 3200 :frowning:

Yup! exact same thing for me. I’ve run intro some decent info on overclocking if your interested, might help you, it helped me a little but still no luck.

Gigabyte Ryzen RAM overclocking by buildzoid

AMD ram overclocking tips from Robert Hallock

Good luck!