Ryzen Compatible SFP+ 10gig Cards?

Hello All, I’m looking for Ryzen Compatible 10gig SFP+ networking cards to connect my main PC, Capture System, and FreeNAS Box. The Add in cards I picked up (HP NC523SFP 10GB 2-Port Server Adapter) refuse to post in my various systems. they Keep stalling out at error code 94: PCI Enumeration error on Asus Crosshair VI and VII with 1800X and 2700X respectively.

Any recommendations? I’ve already got the MikroTik CRS305-1G and SFP+ DAC 10gig cables ran.

Just need compatible cards.

Pick up some mellanox cards cheap off of ebay. Real or otherwise they work great with every OS. Do be aware you may need to put a fan on them.

If you ever use fiber in the future, get whatever OM4 cable off of amazon (future proof and 100gig capable) and ebay Finistar Transceivers are also a good choice and go for something like $7-9 last I checked.

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I got some Chelsio cards off eBay. Two cards, each with Dual sfp+ 10 gig sockets and a DAC, was like £35+ shipping? Got them because FreeNas aparrently likes them. Pretty sure model is like T320 or there abouts.
Worked on an x370, z97, and x399, in Windows (I got drivers off the web, can’t remember if I needed them) and Linux (worked ootb) and FreeNas/FreeBSD (worked out of the box).
No problems, they run a little hot, but I think that’s inherent.

I guess I’m an Intel fanboi for network interface? I have five x520 cards in my various home systems (three of which are AMD powered.)

They were really cheap on eBay, either Dell or HP branded. They don’t seem picky about optics, some have genuine Intel sfp, others running white label generic brand X transceivers.

SR-IOV was a snap to setup, so VMs on my server get their own dedicated nic, no sharing a bridge with the host.

They are probably better at optics; I’ve only used fax’s and one pair of Cisco modules.

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