Ryzen APU & GNU/Linux Operating System

Hey Level 1 Techs

could you please aquire a Ryzen Apu and test how well it works with different Linus OS:s

I really would like to build living room pc under 500 dollhairs ($) (or 700€ with insane tax), Idea is to play cities skylines, civ 6, papers please, Pillars of eternity and rocket legue while lying on sofa.

I’m a bit worried about drivers and microcodes, are they finnished ennough yet?

Thanks for awesome content,

Phoronix reviewed it pretty extensively under linux. The answer is you need the 4.15 kernel at minimum and really want the 4.16 kernel, and even then it isn’t 100% stable quite yet. Looks like linux won’t really be daily driver ready on raven ridge until April.




Thanks dude.
Thruth be told, i would prefer Wendel to tell me that in his smooth deep voice. It’s nice.

I’ll check those tests out.

Typically, with new hardware (especially GPU hardware) you’re going to see 1-2 minor release versions after public release of the product before full stability.