Ryzen 9 7900X - Air Cooled vs AIO Cooler

Is this enough cooling for the 7900X?

I currently have the Arctic Liquid Freezer II 420, but I either have to switch my case or switch cooler, and I really want to build my computer in a rack rather then a normal case though. "/

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According to Noctua, yes, more than enough.

You could even step down to this for ~ half the price:


Also the 7900 non-X is similar performance (within 5%) but requires even less cooling.


As @wertigon said, yes, but it’s worth noting you’ve linked the standard version. The limited test data currently available suggests the low base curvature version should run slightly cooler, noise-normalized, on AM4 and AM5.

Do you already have the case? If not, NH-D15 G2 pricing’s higher than many 360 AIOs. So, for example, a Galahad II Trinity Performance might free up a few euro for something else.

Yep, though I think it’s worth noting there’s no apparent engineering value coming along with Noctua’s brand tax. In Gamers Nexus’ data the ID-Cooling’s A720 ties the NH-D14 G2 on AM4 and Thermalright’s Peerless Assassin’s within ~1 °C, so the Phantom Spirit’s probably also about a noise-normalized tie on AM5. Makes it hard for me to see a reason to pay double to quadruple for a Noctua cooler with more dimensional constraints.


I run the Noctua NH-D15 Chromax on my 7950X CPU and it runs just fine.

I have an older Cooler Master Stacker CM-800 Full Tower case and no proper mounting for AIO’s so I just use the air cooling method.

It has plenty of room and height for pretty tall coolers.


No. I haven’t bought the Define 7 XL yet or a rack computer case. "/

I’m a Swede, and try to buy Swedish products more then other things. Fractal Design is a Swedish Company, and I have owned a couple of their cases now, and I have to say. The build quality of the cases is amazing.

I just bought the cheaper Define 7 instead of Define 7 XL some years ago, and I didn’t really think about it up until recently that I couldn’t put mor drives in the case because the AIO was too big for front mounting. "(

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-wxHtELX5s Not the latest video by any means but probably still a good reference for you.

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