Ryzen 5000 desktop parts with iGPU

I’m interested in a high core count part with an iGPU. I game only casually, and given the current situation with graphics cards, getting something with an iGPU seems more feasible. So while browsing around for a 4750G, I came across this listing:

Does anyone know anything?

PS: I am a Linux only user

I would not get the engineering sample either way. Don’t know enough about AMD engineering samples to say what’s likely to be working on it.

ES Chips are hit-miss predicaments, regardless where it is coming from and what state it is in [ex. = a 70% progress point]. Also be an unknown if your other components, would even accept it… Idea is certainly novel, in owning such a product for display [at least what I’d entertain].

Thanks for the comments, I guess I’ll stick to the 4750G that I was looking for :slight_smile:

Haven’t looked much into Ryzen 5000, however AMD has often held back custom Ryzen IGP variants for micro and SFF specific CPUs and brand them as Ryzen Pro. My theory is that mystery CPU could be an OEM sample chip for a compact PC or some kind of embedded device.

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