Ryzen 5 2600 OC Help

Trying to OC my R5 2600 and I’m running into a wall, want to know if it’s normal.

Background info: On auto, it runs about 1.2v (according to Aida) and boosts to 3.7 or 3.8, 3.9 on 2 cores.

Trying to OC to 4.0 was unstable at all voltages tested (1.2 thru 1.35) until 1.375 it managed 1 run of Cinbench r20 and then locked up.

Sanity check of 3.8 at 1.25v is stable for multiple successive runs of r20 without issue, 3.9 at 1.3v is also stable. (Anything higher than 4.0 refused to boot)

I’m fairly sure these crashes are not thermal, as the CPU package never reached over 75C even at 1.375v.

My question is, since reviews have these CPUs able to reach 4.2 at presumably non-insane voltages, have I really horribly lost the silicon lottery or is my motherboard (ASRock B450M Pro4) holding me back?

Or alternatively, was I misinformed about 1.375v being the max safe voltage for daily use and I should be pushing it higher?

What LLC are you using?

I don’t think this board has LLC

What board you using and it may just be called something else in the bios. But that is why you can’t get your clocks stable most likely is that setting.

I didn’t think these Ryzen 5 2XXX CPU’s weren’t able to OC all that well?

have you tried 1.425 volts at 4.0 ghz? i got my 2600 up to 4.2 ghz 1.4 volts no problem.