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Ryzen 3000 - x570 - Thunderbolt 3 - Hackintosh


I am planning a build to be used in a professional recording studio. I’ve recently seen the implementation of Thunderbolt 3 on ASRock motherboards and I’m wondering what options I have.

I can see that all x570 ASRock MBs have Thunderbolt support but only the AQUA, Creator, and Phantom Gaming ITX (perhaps more) have dedicated Thunderbolt ports. Not necessarily an issue if Titan Ridge cards work.

My audio set up is a Focusrite Clarett 8PreX (TB1 I believe), Behringer ADA8200 connected via Toslink, and a Mackie Big Knob Studio +, configured as an aggregate device in macOS. Using Ableton Live 10 as the DAW.

So my questions are:

  1. It is likely that B550 boards will have Thunderbolt headers?
  2. Will the built in ports/AICs have backwards compatible Thunderbolt support for my Focusrite Thunderbolt interface?
  3. Will this setup work on macOS?
  4. Has anyone had any success with something like this?
  5. If this isn’t something that’s doable, would an 8700 with a Z390 board be a better alternative?

Looking forward to seeing the responeses :slight_smile:

Buy a real mac!

Hackintoshes are fine to play with, but if you’re planning on using it for actual production work for paying jobs, I would highly avoid that.

With a Hackintosh, you’re always one software patch away from the whole thing melting down requiring a rebuild of the OS.

If you’re really insistent on a Hackintosh for production environment, I would go Intel, as that’s more likely to stay stable.