Ryzen 3 1300x upgrade to?

I was an early adopter of Ryzen and am rocking the ryxen 3 1300x over clocked to 4ghz on air.
Its doing me well but I think its time for an upgrade specially since I want a more powerful gpu.

I can pick up a (new)
5 2600 for £120
7 2700 for £134
5 3600 for £180

Just unsure what one to pick up, Im using asrock b360 Fatality itx with 16gb of ram at 2666mhz as that all the motherboard could handle at the time, of purchase

any suggestions?

The 2700 is best price performance there but I would get the 3600 personally.

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omg these prices…

3600 for IPC -> gaming

2700 for 16 threads -> everything else

what GPU are you thinking about?

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Go for the 2700 and OC it, skip 3000 series, and maybe buy again when the 4000 series rolls out 2021… 3xx series mobo though, might be a stretch?

Long story short - you cannot put a 3000 series CPU on 300 series motherboards. So you are stuck at 2000 series. And it’s pretty simple. Get the 2700. Super high value per pound.
Short story long:
2700 outperforms 3600 in multicore, it lags behind in single core performance. The price difference does not justify the CPU by itself, and you need a new board for the 3600 and then it’s completely pointless.
PS: WOW, they have released a BIOS update to allow 3000 cpus on 300 boards? Fuck me…
Nevermind then, still go for 2700. Much better value…

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You’re not running a 3950x on a 300 series? Ha!

But yeah you would need to look at your typical loads. If gaming is your primary need then 6c/12t zen2. Otherwise the 2700 has better value. You said something about getting a new videocard?

Come again?

If you insist! The x370 Taichi was made for it.

I don’t understand what you said, I can’t agree or disagree, cause I don’t understand what you just said, really…

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