Ryzem 2700X - Clockspeed real?

I’m currently trying to undervolt my 2700X as far as possible, which is why I let hwino run all the time. Now I stumbled over this:


Any chance this is real? 5GHz XFR seems insane. I haven’t seen anything like that before…

WCCF Tech reported on a 5GHz overlock Link

I don´t thing XFR2 can push it that far and would treat those as false positives. AFAIK 4.3GHz is the max XFR pushes to.

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I’m curious/sceptical as well.

Yeah, that looks like a software error. Probably hwinfo needs a patch and that’s it.

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Considering I didn’t have the newest version to begin with that might be possible :smiley:

Anyway, I kept a close look on those clockspeeds today and I was under the impression that it bumped up to 5GHz two times in the blink of an eye. So, it might be the software issues as suspected.

Have you put the computer to sleep at all? I would make sure to update the BIOS and chipset drivers if you haven’t, as the sleep bug seemed to have cropped up again briefly as well.

I’m not familiar with the Ryzen sleep bug, but yeah I’ve updated the BIOS to the newest version (otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to start my PC anyway) and also installed the newest chipset drivers.
Furthermore, I put the PC to sleep a few times a day and turn it off over the night.

As @noenken mentioned, updating hwinfo to v5.82 removed the 5GHz peaks. I just figured I’d let you guys know :wink:

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