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RX480 repair

I’m looking for info related to the EDID (extended display ID/data) circuit of a reference RX480 that is out of warranty. I was using a monitor who’s EDID circuit failed; I beleive it killed related parts of the GPU. I’m hoping the parts are independent to the main silicon and replacable. All VRM voltages that I’m aware of are present, and the card is recognized by Windows device manager as “functioning properly” when using another GPU for display output.

As expected, not many replies. This is a rather niche thing to have failed.
Why do you belive it killed EDID on the card? Have you tried other video outputs?
In general I’d expect data pins to be protected by input resistors and diode clamps for ESD, shoudn’t be easy to fry.

Yeah, niche indeed. I know for sure it failed on the monitor. The 5 volt from hot plug detect activates a small transistor that sends power to the EDID EEPROM. It’s VGA and DVI ports quit working; I ripped off the visibly burnt transistor and VGA works now. HDMI died long before the rest, then one day faulty monitor goes out, but everything else stayed on, until I unplugged and plugged everything back in, nothing. Audio was still playing, so system didn’t hard lock like you’d expect if compute elements or VRAM were faulty.
MSI could help, but of course they’re dragging their ass on info.

I wouldn’t count on MSI happily handing over the diagram for the card.
Are you sure it’s the card and not the monitor? Have you tried hooking another monitor/TV to it?
If you sure it’s the card, I think you might be out of luck.
Looking at photos of the PCB from techpowerup reviews I can’t see anything looking like EDID controller. Your best bet is roughly tracing the EDID pins from one of the outputs and looking for any poop stains.

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I’m sure. You’re probably right about the rest too. I think I’m going to try running it as a compute card and having a separate card for display out, like looking glass but without the VM.

What a surprise…