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RX 6800 BIOS / PowerTable dump wanted


Hi there.

Can anyone who uses RX 6800 on Linux share power-play tables dump please?

I’m working on this small tool for tweaking Radeon PowerPlay tables (sibradzic/upp @ GitHub), that is primarily aimed at Linux users (it should work in Windows as well). I am working on adding RX6000 series support, but I am lacking a video BIOS for any such card to actually test the code I am about to add to the repository…

What I need is either a full vBIOS dump or copy of pp_table:

cat /sys/class/drm/card0/device/pp_table > /tmp/pp_table

Much obliged!



Here we go :wink: (950 Bytes)

Don’t have much time r8t now but can add the vbios if needed!


Thanks a bunch @modzilla ! Early support for RX6800/XT was added some minutes ago:

BTW, which card is this, non-XT RX 6800? I’m curios, because PowerPlay table you provided suggest that TDC is limited to 200W…

I’d appreciate a full vBIOS dump when you have a moment (AFAIK dumping full vBIOS would only work in Windows)…

That’s great! I didn’t find a version that would work on windows to save my vbios, only worked on linux. (384.4 KB)

EDIT: I do have the 6800 non XT

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Cool, thanks!

I could extract the identical pp_table from the dump you provided (renamed your file to /tmp/AMD_RX6800_reference.rom):

python3 -m upp.upp -p /tmp/AMD_RX6800_reference.rom.pp_table extract -r /tmp/AMD_RX6800_reference.rom 
Extracting PP table from '/tmp/AMD_RX6800_reference.rom' ROM image...
Found ATOM Common Table rev. 2
Video ROM information:

  NAVI21 Gaming XL D41209                                                     
  (C) 1988-2020, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Found 2470 bytes long PowerPlayInfo table v15.0 at offset 0x1AB0
Saving PowerPlay table to /tmp/AMD_RX6800_reference.rom.pp_table

I wonder if modifying 6800’s pp_table would actually reflect in amdgpu? Can you do a little test and try changing something simple like smc_pptable/FanStartTemp ?

I am willing to dump my 6800 XT bios. As a new user I cannot upload here though, if that is helpful.

Feel free to post it on any file sharing service, just hint what the link may look like, I guess I could figure it out…

Just zip the file up;)