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RX 590 has issues right now with initializing on the AMD Linux Driver Stack


Reminds me of this… (The Vega woes)


Or you buy a 580 and get the same thing.


…If you’re willing to overclock.

Many of the factory overclocks on the RX 590 actually beat the performance of the GTX 1060 6GB, and there’s that compute advantage in Vulkan.


Update… Still no video acceleration, but the fans now spin down on the latest git of amdgpu…


Well, that’s unfortunate. I was looking forward to their benchmarks in linux considering how well the RX 580 does on linux. Guess this is yet another reason not to get this card, at least not yet.


Nah, RX590 has better silicon…


Barely. Its still the lawe chip just 12nm.


“just 12nm” was good enough for a decent reliable clock bump with ryzen.

the biggest problem with polaris imho as an rx480 owner is the 14nm glofo process.


Bleeding edge 4.20 Git kernel and Mesa 19.0-dev and LLVM 8.0-dev now working with the RX 590!


Now we need an answer to the important question, does the RX 590 suffer with the GPU reset problem like the Vega cards?