Rx 570 compatibility

Hi, I was wondering if i can put a rx 570 (asus strix) 4 gb on my old pc. It’s a fujitsu p710 with an i3-3220. I’ve heard that not every mobo can support newer gpus. BTW I will put a new psu of 500 or 650.

Not sure if anyone can give a definitive answer…

Well as long as it has a free x16 PCI-E slot It should be working but it would definitely bottleneck the GPU a few things. A 570 sounds a bit of a waste of resources in such a PC.

Few mobo’s have that sorta weirdness. Mostly ones with hardware whitelists. The AsRock Dual Vista comes to mind, apple machines, just weird hardware. Your machine is probably fine.

The likelihood that it will push a gpu back out is slim, bit I can’t say for sure that it won’t either.