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RX 5600 XT flash BIOS in Linux

Anyone knows if its possible to flash GPU BIOS in Linux?
I bought a Sapphire RX 5600 XT and there is a BIOS upgrade for better performance.
The official websites gives software for Windows and some wikis show how to flash motherboard BIOS, but is it possible to be done with Linux for the GPU?

The software to flash uses dos

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Does that mean that using something like FreeDOS in a bootable USB would work?

Might help

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TechPowerup released a UEFI boot version of AMDVBFlash. This is your best bet. Select the “UEFI Shell Version” which is a .efi that’s a UEFI packaged version of the official AMD Navi flashing utilities. Enter a UEFI shell from your motherboard UEFI BIOS and use it’s CLI to run the EFI program. As with most EFI shells, make sure the .efi file and firmware file is on a FAT32 partition somewhere.

Don’t get the native Linux version of 4.xx, get the 2.93 UEFI version.


I ended up using the Linux version of AMDVBFlash found here. It was very simple this way, just backupt and point at the new files to flash.

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Nice find. That didn’t really show up on any search results so hopefully this thread gets indexed for a AMDVBFlash for Linux result.

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