Anyone from here playing? Was thinking it'd be cool to make a sever and group up to make a colony. Everyone so far seems to have a dayz thought process, But there something to be said about working together. Would love an Official TEK server.


I play, mostly with my brother and a friend. I found that people are much nicer on smaller servers, especially if you talk in chat first. If you just run around the map and people have no idea who you are, you will die.

Ya I found that out lol

You cant make your own server yet, you'll have to rent one.

Really? Didn't know that, then I say we create a army and crash a server as a tek syndicate

I had a server I rented. Only 10 people ever joined. Wasnt worth it to keep it. Had a lot of trouble with the host, tons of downtime.

OP, I have a server if you're interested in playing sometime.

[Midwest Rust Adventures]


I installed the Rust++ Mod

  • Door Sharing
  • Friends List
  • PVP
  • Insta-Craft
  • Sleepers
  • Starter Kits
  • Personal Messaging

I don't wipe it unless it's absolutely necessary. All you guys are  welcome to come play! :-)


Insta-craft and starter kits...


The starter kits include a hatchet and sleeping bag, and the only reason they are on there is because they were included in the mod. I'm just looking to make a fun server that's not entirely KOS. So if you guys wanna play differently I can change the server rules.

Well that isnt too bad. 

There are some admins that give a bunch of crap, and even sell items.

holy shit I want to play with you dweebs

Im renting my own server also im on with a group of 5 - 6 mates plus other people ive met in the game. Were still a pretty new server but we have good server rules and a forum supporting it too with active admins banning hackers etc

Check us out @


and our net connect is



I sent you an email.

got it.

I searched the steam name you sent me, and the one on your profile, but cannot find you. It says you do not exist, sir.

EDIT: Add me on Steam.

Last time I checked Rust was sooooo broken on linux... has it been fixed yet?

Playing on Windows, so not sure. It isnt broken on Windows anymore, though.

Ya working great on windows, but sad to say no more Linux support :frowning: sorry Zoltan