Rust Survival Game

Hey guys, so does any one on here play rust?

If so me and a couple of mates have set up our own server if any one would like to join us. We also have a forum and a Teamspeak 3 server so we can build a community around it.

So if any one would like to join us the forum address is or the net connect for the server is net.connect

All the admins are active and fair and we believe we have a really good set of rules to make the server an excellent place to play.

If you have any other questions pop me your steam or skype ID in here and ill drop you a line ASAP.

Cheers Mark.

Hey I like indie servers so I'm in. I actually have yet to buy the game so maybe this will encourage me to buy it. My steam name is shbrnutslap if you want to add me.

Good to hear and i look forward to seeing you on our server, I have added you to Steam and if i can help out with anything in game give me a shout even if its just to say hi :)